Becky King, May to July 2017

I met Becky at Homeacres during my June open day 2017, she had come to check the garden and say thankyou for introducing her to no dig. Previous to this year she had struggled to grow any decent amount of vegetables, and was always battling with weeds.Her hops were hurting and she contemplated giving up the vegetable gardening.
She then came across no dig, and realised she could easily mulch ground with the plentiful, well rotted manure from her own horse. The results have given her renewed enthusiasm for growing and loads of food.
Becky’s method is simple: “I pull up brambles and other woody roots, in this case there were raspberry runners, chop down the rest of the weeds, then place 6 inches of compost directly on top. I used slightly less in the greenhouse hence the card.”

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