Birmingham allotment, Susan & Kevin Butlin 2017-18

The Birmingham allotment of Susan and Kevin Butlin.

During the winter of 2016/17 they cut down the weeds, dug out the roots of brambles that had spread half way over the plot, covered all the area with cardboard, and filled the bed frames with compost bought from various sources.

Just 8 months between first and last photos. They are now wondering whether to leave the scaffold planks in place for one year, or to remove them in order to have less habitat for slugs.

Plus they have built a roof for the compost bins.

In February 2018 they attended a weekend course at Homeacres, after which Kevin wrote

What a wonderful time we had with a banquet of homegrown food delights.  You’ve given us the confidence to see through what we’ve started and what our hearts were telling us was the only way to go.

2 thoughts on “Birmingham allotment, Susan & Kevin Butlin 2017-18

    1. Hi Nigel
      Only just seen your message thank you so much and yes we are over the moon with it
      Now when we go to the allotment it’s so easy with the No-Dig thanks to Charles

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