Bunny Guinness article, June 2022

2 thoughts on “Bunny Guinness article, June 2022

  1. Enjoyed reading this article, thank you for reprinting it. I like BG: while she’s approaching from a different angle and background from yours, I find the same freshness and down-to-earth lack of pretence in what she says. I suppose that with solid paths you can just sweep them and replace on the beds the compost that blackbirds and gravity knock off. With woodchip/bark paths I think a flat (slightly mounded) bed is better. I also like the crunch of my paths in dry weather!

    1. I purchased a new house that was all lawn with tiny old fashioned 2ft borders. Debated for a long long time about weather to take up the lawn and dig in about 15 builders bags of compost decided to dig up the turf lawn and just barrow in the 15 bags. It was part successful as the garden grew fantastically well in the first year. The unfortunate side of it was by taking up the lawn I exposed the light to field bindweed which i re-awoke and proceeded to climb all over my plants. It’s bit like opening Pandoras box . If I had left the lawn down and covered it with cardboard then put my soil on top who knows what might of happened but the bindweed was in fact coming from the bottom of the front hedge by the road and would have been practically impossible to cardboard out. Who knows what the garden will be like in 10 years?. By the way neighbors were of no help.

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