Early summer veg garden. Harvests and speedy replant, inter-sow, weed, water. make compost

4th December 2018 Making Compost, Sowing, Summer, Videos

Summer arrives and the garden is full, with harvests happening and more to follow (this is zone 8a oceanic temperate). I show sowing and replanting to keep the harvests coming into winter, give tips o

Converting wastes to grow food, reducing waste in the garden

4th December 2018 Making Compost, Videos

There’s a lot of it around, other peoples’ waste, here I convert cardboard, coffee grounds and straw/hay/manure wastes into compost. Woody wastes can be either composted or used for path m

Advice on making compost

4th December 2018 Making Compost

I wish to encourage you to discover the fun and interest of making compost! Compost varies enormously, and homemade compost is the most variable and interesting, thanks to seasonally-changing ingredie