Choosing seeds and varieties

7th December 2018 Seeds and Varieties, Sowing

Which seed variety to buy – these have worked for me, over several seasons. Firstly let’s consider seed quality, of what you may buy. Seed Sourcing and freshness I have had good results wi

Propagation: germinate, grow and plant seedlings for a long season of bigger harvests

7th December 2018 Seeds and Varieties, Sowing, Videos

Skills you need to make the most of your precious seeds and to elongate the growing season, through early sowing, overlapping crops and filling empty spaces at any time. My tips cover where to sow, ho

Watering seedlings. Methods, times of day, how much water & time between watering

4th December 2018 Seeds and Varieties, Videos

I explain the options, frequency of watering and using a water-can rose. Check your trays daily, lift to assess need of water, adapt watering to seedling size and the weather forecast. The bush tomato