Mid May 22 many new plantings, make lots of compost, my trials of propagation and other composts

15th May 2022 Featured, Spring

A brief update at a busy time of remarkable growth. No dig is a huge help in keeping up to date, most notably because there are fewer weeds to deal with. Nonetheless remove any new weed growth you see

Homeacres no dig drone view 30th April
May 2022 new plantings, harvests more rare, many sowings in May, no dig allotment, companion and inter planting

29th April 2022 Featured, Spring, Uncategorized

It’s a third consecutive year of April being very dry. In fact since 17th March we have had just 24mm rain (an inch). We need to give more water than usual, especially to new transplants and sal

Mid March and it's 25 days since we transplanted these lovely lettuce.
Mid April 2022 sowing, planting, effects of covers, frost and pest damage, spring specials, no dig mulching, and storing vegetables

16th April 2022 Featured, Spring

Spring is rushing in. I hope you enjoy my tips from Homeacres, and a look at what we are up to. The featured photo is morning of 16th March, the lettuce cover briefly removed We have started an offer

Purple Dream tulips in their second year, spinach behind was transplanted August, broccoli to right
April 2022 plant raising, how to transplant, using covers, no dig fun, compost, salads, beautiful food, NEW weekly advice

29th March 2022 Featured, Spring

Spring is here, in its usual stop start fashion. If you still have snow, may it melt soon. Be prepared for frost in many areas, and do not rush to sow plants which need warmth. For example I sow cucum

No dig bed prep is simply a light rake before sowing
March 2022 mega – no dig and timings, bed prep, new trays, new bargain bundle, varied germination, compost and compost confusions

10th March 2022 Featured, Spring

The second half of March sees much more sowing, planting, raking and weeding outside, than at any time since late summer. I’m sorry though that you may be reading this with snow on the ground in

Lettuce after two picks so far
May mid month, no warmth! but leafy vegetables are growing well, tips for new plantings and covers

12th May 2021 Featured, Spring

In gardening one is often comparing the weather and conditions with those of the year before. So far, spring 2021 has been diametrically different to 2020! For those of you who started last year, you

Drone view shows most beds covered in April
May 2021, coping with cold weather and perennial weeds, new seedings new harvests, woodchip

28th April 2021 Featured, Spring

Weather rules. This is turning into a difficult spring, with temperatures significantly below average – in particular by night. In the UK, there have been more frosts in April than in any other

Now 6 sacks compost on top & treading
April 15th in a cold spring, fleece covers, transplant survival, new bed and compost heap

15th April 2021 Featured, Spring

A difficult spring so far, with a lack of warmth and frosts down to -4.5 C here, nine frosts in the last 12 nights. However it has been dry! And although that means watering new transplants, it also m

April 2021 new plantings and beds, growing seed from winter root vegetables, bioreactor of woodchip, cold ahead

29th March 2021 Featured, Spring

Transplanting times are here, but watch out for cold weather too. Plants ready now are frost hardy, such as lettuce, peas, onions and broccoli. I advise to wait until mid April before sowing frost ten

multisown beetroot and singles of broccoli, fennel and coriander
March 2021 update new seedlings and sowings, new land, no dig bed prep, cool spring

13th March 2021 Featured, Spring

It has been a different kind of winter here, somehow cold and damp in a more damaging way than 2018, when we had bitter winds in March but with less damage to plants. See the broad bean photos below.

Mulch of home-made compost after taking the final harvest
March 2021 new no dig gardens, starting seeds, potting composts and trays

28th February 2021 Featured, Spring

This is a full on time for a propagation, although also there is no rush to sow tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, sweetcorn et cetera. Spring is also good for making new beds, which you can actually do

Broad beans stake and string support
May 2020 update, fast new growth but frost returns, sowing methods, pea supports, compost heaps, carrots, slugs & flea beetles

11th May 2020 Featured, Spring

We just had a week of summer weather, now winter returns briefly. Old weather lore refers to the ice nights of 11th-13th May! I hope you can cover potatoes enough to protect them, and any other frost