April 2018 mid month: propagation, planting tips, make compost, weather damage, picking salad leaves

15th April 2018 Spring

The first two weeks of April here were more like December, in terms of light levels. However after the new moon tonight (15th-16th) and it’s associated rain, there is a change to ten days of warmer

April 2018 planting size, plants that survive winter, seeds not emerging, slug advice, no dig drainage

30th March 2018 Spring

It’s the weather stupid! April is starting very wet here, cold and even colder to the north. We are late with outdoor sowings and plantings, I have not even sown parsnips yet. This blog looks at way

Mid March 2018 stocky seedlings no hardening off, broad beans & onions, potatoes later planting, stored cabbage & onion

16th March 2018 Spring

As the weather goes from cold to mild to cold again, one thing is constant, soil. Undisturbed, compost-mulched ground helps plants to maintain health and grow whenever conditions allow. Soon it will b

March ’18: sowing undercover, no dig feedback, a mound, stored veg, pea shoots

27th February 2018 Spring

Cold conditions in Europe mean a slow start to spring: it’s -7C/19F with windchill, as I write this. On the other hand there is more time to mulch and feed soil, if you have not already. Early s

Mid May ’17, sowings plantings videos weeds and news

15th May 2017 Spring

There is still so much to sow and plant. Now is good to sow cabbages for autumn hearting, Brussels sprouts, French and runner beans, sweetcorn, more carrots, lettuce and multisow beetroot, even leeks

May ’17 BBC, sowing, hoeing, frosts, potting, hungry gap, pick lettuce, northern tour

30th April 2017 Spring

Until the cold final week, April at Homeacres was a good growing month. Temperatures and sunshine hours were slightly above average, while rainfall was a record low amount until 30th, just 7.6mm (0.3

April 15th update: planting stage, propagation heat, dig/no dig comparisons, psb, spring harvests and energy

15th April 2017 Spring

(plus see Homeacres no dig on BBC Gardeners World, Friday 21st April, 6 minute film) A burst of warmth, now spring reminds us that it is indeed spring and not summer. For much of the UK, there are sti

April 2017 slugs v. seedlings, trials, pea shoots, salad leaves, veg undercover, sow dates

31st March 2017 Spring

Here, it has been much warmer than usual in March: the day-night average temperature was 9C/48F and we had no frost at all, breaking my records of 40 years. It has also been the dullest March since 20

March 15th update, energy rising, selective sowing, tips on planting and covering

15th March 2017 Spring

Exciting times, spring energy rising in the UK at least. From reports of weather in some of the USA and Scandinavia, we are fortunate to have mild temperatures and in Somerset. the first two weeks hav

March 2017 sow and multisow, plants offer, growth of autumn sowings, kale and leeks

1st March 2017 Spring

1st March, the start of spring by some definitions, sees the UK weather turning cooler, a sure sign that spring is underway! Hence the need for waiting to sow seeds of warmth loving plants such as tom

Mid May 2016, tender plants outside, herbs, asparagus, compost
Mid May 2016, tender plants outside, herbs, asparagus, compost

15th May 2016 Spring

The warmth of early May, combined with its long days, has resulted in rapid growth. What a wonderful change after a slow spring. We removed most of Homeacres fleece covers on May 3rd, even though ther

May 2016 sow, plant, make compost, using fleece

1st May 2016 Spring

Frost and hail in late April were a timely reminder to wait before sowing and planting warmth-loving plants. In this area (SW England) its good to sow runner and French beans mid month, undercover, fo