Mid June 18 replant, interplant, garlic rust, harvests, watering and make compost

15th June 2018 Summer

Growth is now strong and there is plenty to keep up with. See my latest video for seasonal tips, Early Summer. Read on for details. Weeding This is still a key job, keep hoeing almost-invisible and ti

June 2018 new sowing & planting, rapid growth, compost making, no dig flowers

30th May 2018 Summer

I hope that May has been a good month for your garden, and here it certainly has. Daytime temperatures were the warmest for May since 1990, but nights were cooler until recently. Sunshine for May is w

August ’17 update: colours, sowing tips, why so few weeds, video advice

15th August 2017 Summer

There may be some fine weather in August’s last week: St Swithin’s 40 days finishes on 24th. Here we have been watering salads a little, having been quite dry recently, but not sunny. Flowers at H

August 2017 summer plantings, no dig trials, weed free, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce

1st August 2017 Summer

The weather rules. What a change on 20th July from the year’s early sun and warmth to Atlantic wind, cloud and rain. July was the wettest since 2012 with 141mm/5.6in rain. I fear that August will be

July mid month: new & companion plantings, seed saving, tomato ripening, your gardens, onions, compost

15th July 2017 Summer

The season of second/successional plantings is well underway, see below. See how my first plantings were made, and the harvests they gave, in a new video. It has been an abundant season here so far,

July 17 quick clear & new sowings, compost, sideshooting, ants, Danish garden, tomatoes, summer prune

1st July 2017 Summer

The long days of July are great for sowing and replanting, after summer harvests that are increasing in quantity all month. Harvests from my two trial beds below, to end June, are 29.3kg/64lb from the

June update: watering, sow broccoli etc, harvests inc. garlic, new videos, no dig successes

15th June 2017 Summer

It’s drying up, so what is priority for watering? 1 Water new plants thoroughly, but not the whole area. Without a rose on the can, give water to the rootball only. Repeat after two days if the weat

June 2017, seed quality, no dig speed, pests to watch for, compost and manure heaps

1st June 2017 Summer

Wonderful growth has happened in May’s second half, after 59mm rain and warmth. Nights especially were the warmest of any May I recorded since the 1970s. Up to 15th the night minimum was average 7.5

August 15th tomatoes, sowing, harvests, watering, filming, Chilli Festival

15th August 2016 Summer

With no dig, summer is a good time: little weeding, lots of picking, and nice feedback from happy plants. The exceptions here are cucumbers and melons, see below. Also I am spending more time watering

August tomatoes, potatoes, compost heaps, sow now!

31st July 2016 Summer

July had one hot week, I hope you had it too. It has been dry here with just 14mm  (half inch) rain in the month. My no dig approach has helped growth, with mycorrhizal fungi finding water for plant

July update, potato and onion harvests, compost quality, saving seed, summer pruning, garden visits

16th July 2016 Summer

A question from my inbox: “I’ve not seen mentioned how Charles continues to keep his gardens thriving. Is it just adding more compost? Does he fertilize?” The answer is no fertilisers one ap

July 2016, potato flowering and blight, comparing dig/no dig, harvests then clear, replant

29th June 2016 Summer

Looking back over spring, it started cold and then was good. May and early June growth was as fast as I have seen, until the wheels came off recently with the arrival of wind and rain. A British summe