December 2018 advantages of no dig, harvests for winter, trial results, compost heaps

3rd December 2018 Featured, Winter

Autumn ends, and it’s been a great season here for rich harvests with more to come. No dig helps so much, for two special reasons this autumn and one as we come into winter: moisture retention in dr

February 2018: mulching with compost, few weeds, winter veg outside, first sowings, myth of the month

14th February 2018 Winter

Early sowings… it’s still early! The beauty of spring is that there is always more light ahead, and usually more warmth (!), so later sowings often catch up. As well as that, they grow mor

January 2018 the winter garden, new beds, no rush to sow, salad harvests no dig

21st January 2018 Winter

It’s midwinter, so we can look forward to spring!! Including to sow seeds, just not yet except for undercover sowings of broad beans and exhibition onions. Wait for Valentines Day/mid February to ma

December 15th 2017, salads & spinach, new beds, winter harvests, Q & A

15th December 2017 Winter

This is the last update for five weeks, as we head into a quiet time for gardening, unless you are making a new garden or clearing ground. I am giving many talks, not least the northern tour Jan 30th

December 2017 trial results, storing veg for winter, compost mulches, no dig success and winning awards

30th November 2017 Winter

There is just some kale and mustard leaves to harvest on the beds comparing growth between dig and no dig. Total harvests in 2017 are 103.9kg dig and 119.7kg no dig: each bed is 1.5 x 5m/5x16ft, see

February update 2017, first sowings, propagation & composts, no dig winter veg

15th February 2017 Winter

Hooray let’s go. Undercover to start with, because outside it’s still vegetable winter, see the amazing differences between spring, summer and winter. I make no outdoor sowings before mid March,

February 2017 salads, slow sow, Kew Gardens, Q&A, Wikihow

30th January 2017 Winter

Winter’s cold and more-or-less fine is turning in the UK to mild, wet and stormy, for the first half of February. Either way, I recommend you wait before sowing, except for broad beans. Check m

January 2017 soil care, compost quality, no sowing yet!

31st December 2016 Winter

A happy new year to my readers, may your gardens be bountiful, and easier to look after. When does the gardening year begin? You could pick any date from October to March, depending where you live (sn

December update, easy soil preparation, salads, Brussels

15th December 2016 Winter

It has been mild here, after a freezing first four days when we had two nights of -6.5C (20F). That was cold enough to freeze plants in the polytunnel and greenhouse, and to damage older salad plants

Dec. 2016 winter veg, harvests, no dig success and starting out

30th November 2016 Winter

  Are you ready for cold weather?  November was 4.5C (8F) cooler than last year, and December looks to be cool, perhaps with snow around the solstice. Otherwise mostly dry. November was above av

Mid February, season change

14th February 2016 Winter

Its been so mild this winter, so far, and now when the sowing green light appears, so do frosts! However the light levels are improving fast and under glass or polythene this means warmth by day. All

Midwinter update January 22nd

22nd January 2016 Winter

Winter’s brief appearance and disappearance,  rabbits arrive, raising beds (or not), aerating compost with a metal corkscrew, root veg for winter abundance,  more on potting composts and peat