Cherry Taylor in Monmouthshire

We moved to a new garden on Monmouthshire clay in August 2015.  It was a neglected, weedy lawned garden with hedges full of ground elder, couch and bindweed, 1.75 acres in total.

I initially set up a few no dig beds laying packing boxes and compost directly onto the lawn, away from the worst of weeds to house plants I’d bought with me and to get growing some veg.

We removed unwanted hedges and covered all bindweed / ground elder infested areas with weed suppressant fabric and black plastic (silage rolls). 

I started the veg bed proper in winter 2016/17 on a lawned area with buttercups, yarrow, dandelions, daisies, grass, docks etc.  Again, I laid cardboard on the grass and covered it with a mixture of homemade and municipal green waste compost, tamped it down and planted fruit trees & bushes and veg straight in. Beds have no sides and paths are compost and some are sawdust from small pet bedding.

“If you are ever in Monmouthshire, the garden is open by arrangement under the NGS (with the main opening in September) and I am always happy to accept visits and share my no dig garden with others.           

A view of part of Cherry’s extensive, no dig flower beds:

4 thoughts on “Cherry Taylor in Monmouthshire

    1. Short answer – yes! In fact, I have a new front garden now, all started no dig from a weedy lawn, with trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs. I’ve had amazing results with perennials, annuals and shrubs with no dig, all in their first year, now running into their second. People who have visited just couldn’t believe it was only started in late August 2016 and less than a year old. In fact, I’m opening under the NGS this September as a work in progress no dig garden!

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