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    Having read ‘No Dig Organic Home and Garden’ I am planning to plant my fruit trees and bushes as per page 15, which is in raised beds with a deep manure & compost mulch to deter the rampant couch grass, then fabric membrane over the top (edges buried), and lastly, wood chippings on top (aesthetic & further deterrent). Once they are all ‘tucked up’ like this, I’m not sure about how to give them future annual feeds? I was going to sink a plastic bottle into the soil beside each tree or plant for water to roots. Would a liquid feed be the best way to go, or would I have to take off the chippings and lift the fabric? Can anybody help please?
    Many thanks,



    Denise, do you intend to leave the fabric on permanently? I’d suggest not; the couch grass will be dead in about six months and the manure mulch will provide a gradual feed over many months after that. Good luck with your fruit trees – mine have just gone in last week and it’s satisfying to know that harvests will be in your future 🙂



    Alternatively, you could work on a method of feeding compost tea in volumes as a foliar feed through out the year. As the trees are currently small(?), it would not be too difficult to put up a ‘rain maker’pulsating sprinkler and pump the tea. If the fabric is mulched ithe fabric will persist unless cut free.I wouldn’t have put it down, its a technique reserved for ‘supermarket’ landscaping.



    I’d agree with above. I used a lot of landscape fabric to try to control weeds in my first year as I didn’t know any alternatives. They fray and i’m finding bits of it every where. If you plan to leave a permanent layer under the woodchip i would suggest cardboard as it will decompose once the weeds are dead. Also i find it better generally as it excludes more light. I did plant squash through fabric which I removed after harvest and that worked well but this year I wont be buying any more



    Hi Everyone,
    Thank you so much for your incredibly helpful advice. I’m now going to plant with landscape fabric only for the first year, then take it up, add compost/manure, and top with cardboard & wood chips for the longer term. I can foliar feed during the first year if necessary.
    Perfect. Off to plant today!
    Many thanks again,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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