Converting wastes to grow food, reducing waste in the garden

There’s a lot of it around, other peoples’ waste, here I convert cardboard, coffee grounds and straw/hay/manure wastes into compost. Woody wastes can be either composted or used for path mulches. And we can reduce our own wastes by being frugal with materials we use. This video was Edward’s idea.

5 thoughts on “Converting wastes to grow food, reducing waste in the garden

  1. I love the way you approach waste as resources. We have “resource bins” with designated areas for our fallen leaves, cardboard, woodchips, sawdust, horse manure, etc. Thank you, Lu

  2. We bake all our egg shells (leaving in an ovenproof dish so that they make use of the oven heat when it is turned on for cooking), and then crush them to a coarse powder by putting in a tough bag and treading underfoot. We feed them to our hens, but if added to compost/worm bins in that form, it would result in less noticeable residue in the compost…

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