No Dig Gardening, online course – Module 1

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Introducing the course and no dig

This module consists of an introduction to the course and the first two lessons.

In the introduction, I explain how my course fits together, how to use it, and how it shows you great ways to garden more efficiently and enjoyably.

The history of no dig – always successful – makes one wonder why it has not caught on before in a bigger way. I explain the benefits to soil and gardener in Lessons 1 and 2.

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Module 1, Lesson 1: The advantages and recent history of no dig

It is instructive, and also fascinating, to discover where no dig has come from and how it has developed. And to consider why it did not become popular, even though its practitioners enjoyed such success. No dig copies nature’s way of caring for soil, and the soil responds by caring for plants, hence the great […]

Module 1, Lesson 2: Simple, time saving, productive

I notice that gardening has been made to seem very complicated, even by people who really should know better. A key part of this course is learning how to to use the simplest, cheapest and, above all, quickest method. People have been led to believe that it’s more difficult and harder work than it needs […]