No Dig Gardening, online course – Module 5

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Fertility, compost and soil

These three words have a usage and meaning that varies with context. I give you the definitions that matter for no dig, simpler than often explained.

Soil and compost behave so differently. We look at composts you can buy or source for free, and how to make compost at home.

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Lesson 13 – Make your own compost

Homemade compost has abundant life, and I show how to increase the microbes and organisms. Everybody’s heaps and additions are different; once you have a grasp of the principles, you can create a process that works in your space.

Lesson 14 – What is fertility?

Fertility is often equated to nutrients feeding plants, yet true and long-term fertility is about so much more than this. I explain how easy it is to grow great plants when you know surprisingly little about nutrient supply and uptake. Green fingers and a biological approach, rather than calculations and spreadsheets!

Lesson 15 – Comparing soil and compost: a trial

I had a fun comment on Instagram, a “professional horticulturist” who declared that soil and compost are the same thing! I show you how they are not, why they are not and how it helps your gardening when you understand the differences.

Lesson 16 – Types of compost and trial results

The one word “compost” covers so many products and possibilities. Enjoy the tour of different types in this lesson, and the results of growth comparisons from using four of them.


Module 5, Lesson 16: Types of compost

This lesson is to clarify the qualities of compost. This will give you more confidence in choosing and using it, and also in discussing it with other gardeners, who often…