Course – Grow Veg No Dig

October 02 @ 10:30 am - 4:00 pm  £165

A day course to enthuse and inform you of easier and time-saving ways to grow great food.

The garden is 40% beds with vegetables planted in the spring as well as some perennial plantings, and 60% second plantings made in summer and early autumn. I explain how we propagate and plant all of these, and you learn examples of succession.

We check progress of various experiments, including the two beds of dig/no dig. Undercover, the polytunnel is finishing its summer vegetables, and salad seedlings are propagating in the greenhouse, some already planted, for cropping through winter.

We look at compost making, and examples of compost at different stages in my compost bay. Also I show you examples of bought compost and animal manures, and I explain their benefits and uses.

In the greenhouse I demonstrate the value of becoming skilled at propagation, how little space you actually need to grow hundreds of plants at a time, and thousands over the season (should you need to!).

You learn time-saving tips in many aspects of growing, from watering and plant care, to less weeding, and increased harvests in relation to the time and space given. Yield per square metre is a key goal, to save time and effort.

The no dig approach underpins all my courses. Its the most fantastic and simple way to care for soil and all its inhabitants. They repay you by helping the growth of healthy plants, with less pest and disease to worry about.

Nonetheless there are often birds, insects and rabbits wanting our food: I show ways to prevent damage. For example, you will see the use of fleece covers for early plantings, which speed growth as well as keeping pests off.

Homeacres courses are an opportunity to learn from an acknowledged master of his craft, in a group of no more than twelve people.

Refreshments are all included, not least the fine lunch of home milled bread and more vegetable dishes than you normally see at one meal, crafted by Steph.

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02 October 2019
10:30 am - 4:00 pm
Alhampton, Shepton Mallet
BA4 6PZ United Kingdom
01749 860292