Two one day, no dig gardening workshops N. Ireland, May 2020

May 16 - May 17 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm  €92.22

Come along to Azora Organic Community Farm in Hillsborough, Co. Down and spend the day with ‘No Dig’ expert Charles Dowding. We will go through the basics of how to set up your own productive no dig system from start to finish.

Organic lunch will be provided, and beverages throughout the day.

Spaces are limited, we do suggest you get your tickets soon! We will have accommodation in the farm house for 6 people sharing. (contact us for more info) We will also have camping spaces.

Charles is teaching the same workshop on successive days, Saturday and Sunday.

Morning, all slideshow with Q & A to get really clear about the concepts, and then the methods which lead to successful no dig.
I want people to really understand the principles first, then the practical.
Good understanding means each person can vary the method details, according to their situation.
Afternoon  practical can be to make a new bed on an area of grass, with thick brown cardboard, compost on top.
Two beds we hope, so we can make a path between them, again thick card, perhaps some old wood chip on top.
“Compost” does not have to be perfect so bottom layer of beds can be year old animal manure, straw bedding.
For new beds, say 3-4in. Then finer compost on top, whatever its origin. Say 2in.
Bed width 1.2m, path 40cm.
Any length.
Grass/weeds not too long.
If on a slope, beds up and down.
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16 May 2020 - May 17
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Azora Co-op
5 Edentrillick Hill