Talk at RHS Malvern Spring Festival – 7th May, cancelled sorry

May 07 @ 12:00 pm -   

I give an illustrated explanation of how to have healthy soil and enjoy easier harvests, followed by questions and answers.

Be entertained by a world expert on easier ways to grow, and immerse yourself in the beautiful garden photos.

My advice covers many topics:

  • how to make, buy and use compost of different kinds
  • how to clear perennial weeds with mulches, including couch grass and bindweed
  • how to maintain a no dig plot, with an annual mulch of compost
  • how to look after path soil so it stays fertile and with few weeds

As well as reducing the time and effort needed to cultivate and weed, no dig has many other benefits, which I explain.

Most soil already has a good structure for plant roots to grow, and is full of growth-enabling organisms. Millions of fungal threads, nematodes and earthworms, to name a few, are being helpful right under our feet, mostly out of sight. We need to help them to help us.

You have already started no dig without knowing! Since the last time you dug or tilled or forked your soil, it has been healing itself, with networks of fungi, breeding of health-bringing organisms and recreation of a stable structure. Simply build on that, it’s easy to created good structure and drainage, plus there are unexpected benefits.

You see photos of the trials I run to compare the effects on growth of dig/no dig, different composts and no rotation. The overall theme is saving time.

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07 May 2020
12:00 pm -
Three Counties Showground