Grow leeks from multisown modules: quicker, cheaper, easier, high yield

I have been multi-sowing many vegetables since the 1980s, and lately, the method has become popular. No wonder in view of the money, time and space you save in propagation. Then there is the benefit of companion cropping because plants stay with their mates when planted and establish more quickly. Another advantage is shallower planting and easier harvesting.


20 thoughts on “Grow leeks from multisown modules: quicker, cheaper, easier, high yield

  1. Hi Charles, I tried multi-sowing spring onions after watching your video and was so impressed with the results. Best spring onions and so many grown in a small space. I’d like to try multi-sowing leeks this year. It’s my first time growing them, and I see here you sowed on 6th April. I’ve got Musselborough seeds, which suggest January to February sowing times. Would you suggest I could multi-sow these into trays as early as February?

    1. Yes you could sow them January to February and accept that you will have some bolting leeks, in other words I would not and do not understand why they put that so-called advice. Multi sown leeks grow well.

  2. Hi Charles really enjoy and value your information. I respect of the information on how to manage leaf miner that destroyed all my leeks this year! to clarify you would plant them out in early August why? would you cover them with a mine mesh? The variety I am using this year is Blue Solaise and have already sown them thought I would get ahead as they grow so slowly, but have just read this information about more prone to bolting??

    1. hi Alison, thanks and wow that is so a little bit early I would say! Hopefully they won’t bolt and partly that will depend on not having too much cold weather. On the leaf miner, fine mesh to keep out the fly. Not obvious though

      1. Thanks for your reply I am new to growing veg so go by the packet guidelines but think this is trial and error!! do you think I could keep repotting the leeks until planted out until August?? I will start some seedlings as you have advises in Aril to experiment in my area?? in relation to leaf miner would you keep the net on until winter? will hopefully get to one of your courses with changes to restrictions this year? Thanks again.

      2. Hi Charles,

        First of all many thanks for all your videos and books, I started following you last year after creating my first raised bed in my garden which really helped me keep my sanity during the pandemic! All your content has been an inspiration.

        I’m about to sow leeks as per your calendar but not sure whether to try multi-sowing as I’ll be growing blue solaise leeks (which will be ready in April/May next year) and don’t know if multi-sown leeks will withstand being overwintered?

        Many thanks!

        1. Thanks Rita and I am encouraged to hear that. Yes you can multisow leeks for use next spring. I have some Bandit growing now, and from each clump we are pulling out the largest ones.

  3. Hello Charles,

    In your 2021 calender you suggest that the 1st en 20th of april are good sowing dates for leeks.
    Probably I missed it, but what ar good sowing dates for winter leeks?

  4. Hello Charles,
    For many years I have grown winter leeks successfully the “old way” in west Somerset, dibbing them out singly in early to mid August. A couple of years ago they weren’t so good, last year was worse and many had bolted by December. I put that down to lack of water in the nursery bed, as we had plenty of rain in October & November. So this year I dibbed them in July and not so deep, and disappointingly they have nearly all bolted already. I used to grow Musselborough, but when they failed I tried another variety of winter leek and these are even worse, could it be a seed problem ? as in the contents not being what the packet claims ? They followed mangetouts and I did add more compost to the bed before planting.
    I am now removing the scapes, will the plants go on to produce something worth having ? or should I pull the lot and manure the bed ready for next year?
    Next year I am to try your multisowing method with a new packet of Musselborough.
    I’m pleased to see your polystyrene modules are still going. I too have some which are about 30 years old and haven’t washed them either ! They are beginning to break up at the edges.
    Your website is an inspiration, with all its information and great photos & videos. Many thanks to you and Edward for all your hard work and enthusiasm.

    1. Hello Diana, nice to read apart from the leek problem!
      I guess you are not sowing any earlier? as that can cause bolting.
      Otherwise it does sound like a seed maintenance issue.
      I suggest a different variety such as Bandit, or best is Philomene from Seed Coop, via Bingenheim seeds in Germany.
      I don’t think those plants are worth keeping but am not 100% sure.

      1. Thanks Charles,
        Looking at my records from 2015 onwards I have sown on various dates from 22 March to 18 April, the former being this year ! I thought I’d get ahead as I was planning to dib-out earlier, so you’re probably right. Next year I’ll wait until 20th April as per your calendar and give those other varieties a go. I should have more space next year as I’m currently covering all the grass paths between my beds with cardboard etc, and removing the chicken wire ( anti rabbit) . This will mean I can use the full 4’ of each bed rather than just the middle 3’ ! I will of course have to put a fence around the outside of the whole plot.
        Again, many thanks.

  5. Re Leak Rust – I should have added we are near Hastings so rarely a frost but do get cloudy mist

  6. What about leek rust please ? – Charles shows them very close – mine are further apart and covered in rust !

    1. Probably Sarah from your soil being a little weak, needs more life. But I don’t know your details, just have observed this over many years here.
      We remove older yellowing leaves too.

  7. Very interested to see Charles’s video on growing Leeks – has anyone any hints/tips on how to avoid Leaf Miner or Leek Moth?

    1. Briefly Rich, for moth cover with mesh from planting to mid September, for miner plant late after potting on plants so they are big at planting in early August

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