Grow peas for pods: small, large or mangetout, from plants of varied size, with supports

Get these few things right and your peas can grow like crazy. Plus I show ways to support taller varieties, and show different types of pea because there are many choices – read the small print before buying seed!

25 thoughts on “Grow peas for pods: small, large or mangetout, from plants of varied size, with supports

  1. Hi Charles, Im hoping you may be able to give me some
    advice, Im rather miffed because there is building work
    going on not so far off from my allotment and just in the last few weeks there’s been rabbits and they have had a field day feasting on our veg, my alderman Pease
    have been nibbled and dont look too good, do you think they could still come to anything, also I do have some pea seeds left and was wondering as its now 27th may is it now impossible for pease to grow from this late if I sow now in the greenhouse ?
    best regard,s

    1. Ah that is a pity Reg, and we have the same problem here with rabbits eating peas which I think will not make it now. Even though we put some netting up, they love them. You could still sow, maybe not tall varieties and the harvest will be smaller than in high summer

  2. Hi Charles,
    My first proper garden here in Belfast and I’m trying your no dig method. I’ve inherited two beautiful brick raised beds. One is for peas and beans. My question is regarding supports. Is the 6in compost enough to support the supports, if you know what I mean? Or do you go down past the cardboard. I’m thinking of trying your posts and twine. And thank you so much for your videos. Really couldn’t/wouldn’t have attempted this without them. 🙏

  3. Hi Charles
    I have started peas in root trainers, unfortunately they are a little tall, can I trim them back and use the pea shoots? Then plant out and leave the plants to produce pea pods? Will this work please?

  4. Thank you very much Charles I’m loving gardening your way this year. I’ve sown according to your timeline on your calendar. Please could you tell me what I can start planting out now and going forwards?

    1. Thanks Bobby, and I can’t give precise planting dates because that depends on your conditions, covers used, size of transplants et cetera. That is your homework to do and you can try a few things, as in my videos for example, and updates

  5. Hi Charles. Thanks for the useful video on growing peas. Do you not need to protect them from birds? My peas and mange touts were devastated last year by birds and never recovered. I know twiggy pea sticks can help for short varieties but I am growing tall varieties to be supported on a frame like yours, and can’t think of how to keep the pesky birds away.

    1. Sorry to hear this Gill and I am fortunate, the only way would be to cover with mesh but that would be so difficult. Maybe its most realistic for you to grow dwarf peas

  6. Hi Charles
    Just a quick question, I have always sown peas in loo roll centres (as my parents did) Having just become a CD devotee and allotment holder and having acquired some of your CD60 module trays if I plant pea seeds in them do you still go for 2-3 seeds per module or plant them singly ? Also I am going to grow my runners in a ‘V’ cane formation instead of ‘A’ in order to be able to plant broad beans on all that extra space on the outside, good idea or not ?
    Thanks for all your videos, brilliant !

    1. Hi Lynn, I think that the CD60 cells are too small for multisown peas. And I don’t think there is space for broad beans there, the roots will be in competition.

      1. Hi Charles , Thanks for that – I thought too small for peas, back to the loo roll centres.
        I should have expanded on the bean idea. I am growing sutton dwarf beans along 10′ length of raised bed 6′ wide. They will be finished mid – late june. Runners will be planted out late May after frost in towards the centre of the bed as canes are in a v shape I am hoping there should be plenty of room for runners, when they get going. I’ll let you know !

        1. Ah fine and yes with those timings, it sounds like it could work as long as you give sufficient water to your new been plantings.
          Funnily enough I was in the greenhouse this afternoon and popped out one of my trial pea-sowing modules and the plant roots for two peas were pretty good, in the CD 60. So maybe it could work, just for small transplants.

  7. I’m curious if you could multi-sow sweet-pea flowers with 2-3 per cell as you do veg- peas, and it not over crowd them. Thoughts? PS…you are my super-hero! Thanks for all you share so generously!

    1. Hi Amy, thanks.
      I would not multisow sweet peas because it would make quite a crowd on a stale, and picking which is already quite tricky, would be slower and with smaller blooms

  8. Hi Charles,
    my husband and I are longtime fans of your amazing educational youtubechannel and books!
    This Fall, we will finally get to start our own garden, all no dig, here in Germany.

    Now as Im planning the few things we will plant over winter, I was wondering: Can you plant peas in Autumn, just like Broad Beans, so they will be stronger the comming spring?

    Thank you so much for all you, hope you are well,

    1. Thanks Elisa, and yes you can.
      However I never found it led to worthwhile harvests, they are less strong through winter than the beans.
      February sowing undercover, of early varieties, works best.

  9. Loving your videos, they are inspirational. Are all pea, sugar snap, mangetout and green and runner bean shoots and flowers edible apart from the sweet pea? And if not which are and are not as I haven’t been able to find out through general searching. Thanks

    1. Thanks Julie.
      Definitely all pea shoots & flowers. I am unsure about kidney/French beans, but broad bean shoots and flowers are.

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