How to grow radish multisow or direct for fast harvests spring and autumn

A re-release after the first upload of May 2017 disappeared from my YouTube channel. The same video, filmed and edited by Edward Dowding February to April, starting with multisowing the seeds in modules, in the greenhouse. The trays stayed in the warmth of my conservatory for a week to germinate. See my guide to multisowing vegetables and my video on multisow.

It was a mild spring. Sowing is possible until April, but May sowings grow too fast and are less sweet, often pungent in flavour. Then resow from late August, for autumn harvests, see my sowing timeline

10 thoughts on “How to grow radish multisow or direct for fast harvests spring and autumn

  1. Hi
    Have you ever grown mooli/daikon in UK. If so, what is the best method you would recommend as i dont believe multi sow would be suitable…?

    I am planning to put 1 seed per module beginning of March before planting out…

    P.S Best growing videos out there. Hats of to editor as well.


    1. Cheers Dean, and I would sow in summer, so July, because it will flower in late May so harvest before it’s very large from your sowing now, and yes two seeds per cell thinned to one plant

  2. Hi Charles I am trying multisowing radishes for the first time. They are still in modules under grow lights inside, but have grown very tall before setting true leaves, 4-5”. I am hoping to still get good radishes from these sowings, maybe by planting more deeply.

      1. Wow you weren’t kidding in your video! “Radishes will give you great satisfaction just by pure speed.” 4 days from sowing to planting.

  3. Hi
    I sowed radishes direct in the ground and the seedlings came up lovely and I was hopeful of getting some plump radishes. The greens were strong and vibrant to the point of bolting(?) so decided to investigate what was happening beneath. But, yet again, in the whole row I had 4/5 mediocre sized radishes, the others, nothing on the end of the greens. I was hopeful in the latter half of your video I would learn whether I needed to thin more in the early stages. Would you be able to advise where I’m going wrong. Thank you.

    1. Henny it sounds like they were too thick. All root vegetables do that if too many are growing there, thin to about 1in/3cm and 6in/15cm between rows.

      1. Thank you for your advice, Charles. I’ve since read your article on multisowing so instead of planting in rows I will try this method. So glad I’ve found your amazing website.

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