Is No-Dig Gardening a Better Way to Grow?

I write regularly for Gardeners World, Kitchen Garden, Country Smallholding, Optimum Nutrition and Dove (Bruton parish) magazines, occasionally for the Daily Telegraph and others. In November 2015 for example I am featured in Gardens Illustrated, have a piece on why not to dig in Gardeners World magazine and one on no dig asparagus in Country Smallholding. Also this in the Guardian.

This was for three articles I wrote in 2017 for Country Smallholding magazine

See my books for advice, but before that, here is an article of mine summarising the wonderful benefits of a no dig approach: “Is no dig gardening better?”

3 thoughts on “Is No-Dig Gardening a Better Way to Grow?

  1. I am 91 and going to try this method around a few years ago planted last year. I will ditch a shallow dich around each tree and mix my shreds with the dug up matter , that I will weed, around the trees and
    see what see what that does.

  2. I am very interested in your No dig gardening information and actually already have your book ‘Organic Gardening’ however I have a massive problem. I have a very small garden but love trying to grow a few vegetables and have two raised beds about 12 inches high but unfortunately they get invaded by roots from a privet hedge about 3 feet away and also a silver birch tree a little further away. I am not young, or strong enough to dig out all the soil and put flags or weed suppresant matting in the bottom so I have to dig down every year to heave out what roots I can manage before I pant for the next year, thus going against the no dig philosophy. Am I wasting my time and did I ought to give up or can I just leave the roots and hope the vegetables will find their way around them? Any advice you can give would be very helpful.
    Incidentally, I have encouraged my two daughters to take up vegetable gardening – one with an allotment and the other with large raised beds and am going to send them today’s Sunday Times article to get them on the right track.

    1. Sorry to hear this Margaret, because tree roots like that never give up and there is no way around the problem without digging through to remove them.
      Or another way is to cut back the privet hedge a lot and somehow reduce the size of the tree!
      Nice you encourage your daughters.

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