Buy 25th side view of onion harvest and new plantings
Trial beds dig/no dig plantings and results 2013-2018

29th December 2020 Trials

For subsequent years of this ongoing trial, see 2019-21 page Starting out in 2013 I made two large beds, five feet wide and sixteen feet long (1.5x5m), the same area as Lower Farm’s experiment,

February 2019 a few sowings, compost and mulching, courses, snow and pigeons

9th February 2019 Winter

Be careful of sowing too early, there is no rush in spring because later sowings often catch up as it warms and lightens. For example I plan to sow tomatoes on 18th March this year. In the next two we

Site News

10th December 2018 Site News

Welcome to my site and I hope you enjoy navigating around. There is a lot of information here. In fact, the amount of advice and data I offer has made it a big job to reorganise for the new site. For


7th December 2018 No Dig Growing

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Sowing Timeline for Vegetables

7th December 2018 Sowing

These dates are distilled from decades of trial and error in my gardens, where my results have highlighted best timings for best results. I have included links to the lessons of my online course, From


7th December 2018 Sowing

The vegetables I have found worth sowing and growing in clumps For certain vegetables, there are considerable benefits of sowing two or more seeds together, as opposed to a single seed per module or s

Choosing seeds and varieties

7th December 2018 Seeds and Varieties, Sowing

Which seed variety to buy – these have worked for me, over several seasons. Firstly let’s consider seed quality, of what you may buy. Seed Sourcing and freshness I have had good results wi

Propagation: germinate, grow and plant seedlings for a long season of bigger harvests

7th December 2018 Seeds and Varieties, Sowing, Videos

Skills you need to make the most of your precious seeds and to elongate the growing season, through early sowing, overlapping crops and filling empty spaces at any time. My tips cover where to sow, ho

Schoolchildren making a no dig bed
Sowing and Growing for Schools

7th December 2018 Schools, Sowing

The gardening methods I recommend, no dig with less rotation and ultimately less weeding, are great for youngsters in school. My videos receive good comments in terms of child friendliness. This is fr

6th September 2021 shows growth of the second plantings by and the dig bed is top, no dig bottom
No Dig Trial 2020-2021

5th December 2018 No Dig Growing, Trials

Photo 6th September 2021 shows the second plantings of summer, dig bed top and no dig bed bottom This trial began in 2007 and ran until 2012 at Lower Farm. It’s to compare growth of the same veg

Winter wonders: the vegetables that thrive in frozen weather

5th December 2018 Articles, Uncategorized

Imagine a vegetable garden in winter, and you’ll probably conjure up an expanse of bare earth alongside a frosted-up greenhouse. But market gardener Charles Dowding’s plot couldn’t be more diffe

Is No-Dig Gardening a Better Way to Grow?

4th December 2018 Articles, No Dig Growing

I write regularly for Gardeners World, Kitchen Garden, Country Smallholding, Optimum Nutrition and Dove (Bruton parish) magazines, occasionally for the Daily Telegraph and others. In November 2015 for