Do you dig it?

23rd June 2007 Articles

Do you dig it? – Amateur Gardening – 23 June 2007 For many traditional gardeners digging is a crucial activity. But gardening without digging could be just the thing for anyone wanting to

Leave that spade alone

7th May 2007 Articles

Leave that spade alone – The Guardian – May 7th 2007 It’s a dream come true: you don’t need to dig over your garden patch to guarantee bumper crops. Veg guru Charles Dowding explains a

It may be time to hang up your spade

7th April 2007 Articles

It may be time to hang up your spade – Western Morning News – April 7th 2007 Anne Swithinbank meets a gardener who says there is no need to dig your beds.

Salad days that last forever

18th March 2007 Articles

Salad days that last forever – The Sunday Times – March 18th 2007 Caroline Donald picks up some tips from a leading organic gardener on how to grow tasty leaves all year round.