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Through summer 2017 we are posting new videos in a series of How to Grow some different vegetables, and the first one is on pea shoots.

On 21st April I was featured in the Gamechangers series of BBC Gardeners World. You can watch this episode on You Tube, and my slot about no dig is around the 19th minute. It was filmed in August 2016 and the garden looks gorgeous in it’s summer clothes.

This video on making a new bed shows in more detail how I created, filled and planted the small bed you see in the BBC film. Currently (2017) this bed is planted to potatoes, just 8 plants.

For an in depth study of my work, you can buy or rent an hour’s worth of me talking about easier ways to grow great plants, and in less time.

My upcoming trips include Ireland in May and again in June, including courses at Ballymaloe Cookery School where they are trialling no dig in the extensive food gardens. I speak at the Copenhagen RHS garden festival in June, see Events banner.

A guided visit to Homeacres in summer: this popular video is a 20 minute tour. Charles Dowding channel has 1,600,000 views by April 2017.

Open days this summer are Sunday 18th June 1-5pm, part of Alhampton Open Gardens, and Sunday 3rd September 1-5pm.

Through permaculture magazine, this film by Phil and Lauren is a five minute interview, on the simplicity of growing without disturbing soil.

Filmed in July, this video on You Tube explains no dig tomato growing, and ongoing tomato care undercover. It is also part of the online course.

An endorsement from Kate in Surrey: “I just wanted to say how the info you have shared over the years via your courses and through your emails/website has meant I can confidently take on the job I’m starting this week, a fantastic acre kitchen garden. You are so generous with your knowledge and information,  I’m not sure where the kitchen gardener would go for help without it.” April 2017

SW side of Homeacres May 2017, needs little weeding

Steph has a great site and blog, with photos of seasonal veg, prepared salads, potions made from homegrown ingredients and more.

Check the sowing timeline under the Learn banner, the whole year at a glance. Save your time and seeds! Summer and autumn are good for sowing many seeds.

Tomatoes grown without digging and without feeding, just compost on top

Here’s a video about Homeacres course days, and lunch.

The tools I recommend are available here and include a wooden, long-handled dibber, 84 cell module trays and also my books.

Seeds, how likely are they to grow, where are they from? Some interesting results from a survey by a consumer organisation here.

Remin’s website for rock dust has results from gardeners all over the UK.