Charles announces his course dates for 2021

Charles announces his course dates for 2021

These are not yet available to buy but we want to give you an idea of next year’s course dates. Day courses cover no dig and how to grow better, weekend courses look also at growing for market, there is a compost-making course and a Next Level day for gardeners who already have no dig experience.  These courses will be live  to book by the New Year, when we hope to see the Covid situation more clearly.

2021 Course Dates


Day course – Saturday 13th

Weekend intensive course – 20th/21st

Day course – Wednesday 24th



Day Course – Saturday 6th

Day Course – Wednesday 10th

Day Course – Saturday 13th

Day Course – Saturday 20th



Day Course – Saturday 7th

Day Course – Saturday 10th

Weekend intensive course – 24th/25th



Day Course – Saturday 8th

New Course – The next level – Saturday 15th

Alhampton Open Garden Day – Saturday 23rd

Day Course – Saturday 29th



Weekend intensive course – 12th/13th



Compost Course – Saturday 17th

Day Course – Saturday 24th



Day Course – Saturday 7th

Day Course – Wednesday 11th

Weekend intensive course – 21st/22nd



Open Day – Saturday 4th

Day Course – Wednesday 8th

Day Course – Saturday 18th

Day Course – Saturday 25th



Weekend intensive course – 2nd/3rd