One bed, newly plated in March, then has fleece over

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Following requests from keen gardeners whose busy lives preclude checking of all the details, we have started a new weekly advice newsletter. It gives advice on sowing, transplanting, protecting, weeding and harvesting for the week ahead. It will also include updates of Anna’s new garden in Somerset, the same Anna who handles website enquiries and does a lot of editing and other jobs for me. She is a brand new gardener! She will tell you her experiences of starting out.

The ‘What, When and How’ will run for 9 months each year, from February until October, and costs £5/month. New subscribers receive a free one-week trial period, and subscribers will not be charged during the months of November, December and January. You can unsubscribe at any time but without refunds for cancellation part-way through a subscription month.

‘The newsletter was excellent and I will be recommending it to all my gardening friends’ – Ann Donnelly

We offer this free if you are on universal credit, run a community garden or allotment association, or garden for schools.

You can subscribe here, via Campaignzee

Or by visiting the signup box on the home page.

Photo above is a bed I planted here, late March, and currently it’s covered by fleece for weather and pest protection.