No dig in Norway

Tony Carey in Norway created a no dig garden under pine trees, in spring 2020. It won him a prize [read more] in a competition organised by a seed company. Photos below are June and September 2020. Tony wrote
“I’m a complete novice but have tried this year as an experiment/ learning for my next garden, I live alone in a restored furniture shop, along with 8 other apts…..and am researching by doing’ how much a household can get, longevity in norwegian climate, and the effect it has on the body.
A kind of corona experiment plus needing something to do in lack of a creative space lately.
There was some dense dying woodland behind me, along the Telemark Canal, also with a few large pine trees. I cleared it and it designed itself slowly, keeping  the felled trees for material, fencing, and only thinning what I needed to get enough sun. Ended with a nice mix of shade, full sun, and privacy.
 I haven’t used any other guidance videos on youtube than yours, it just hit home with me.
Two big tractor buckets of a mix of both older and fresher cow manure were plopped in and I laid out 5 beds, for essentials. Potatoes (went great), spinach, (weird but gave a little, which I dried),) 35 pluck-salads ( amazing continuity, purree’d and frozen)…. 35 Red and green Kale was a must to test, as superfood. (My biggest love of them all, still going), I’m seeing how long it will last, have rough-chopped and frozen bags of it for smoothie breakfast, and I’ve also puree’d it with garlic, and frozen the concentrated mix in ice cube trays, longevity test. great instant oily powertaste for most dishes. 3 cubes for a couple, add more oil in heating.”