No Dig Gardening Opportunities

No Dig Gardening Opportunities

For those looking for opportunities and for those searching for the ideal candidate.
I am often approached by people looking to work in my garden but at the moment I have all the help I need. Also I am approached by people who have job opportunities and are trying to find the right person.  In the future I plan to post them here. If you have a job opportunity or you are looking for work then please email [email protected]

Searching for Job Opportunities

Clementine Seymour – After working in support, project and website management roles in London for many years, I moved to the South West to learn about plant based cooking. As I have been focusing more on my interests in the environment, health and sustainability, I spent two years in New Zealand learning about permaculture and working on organic farms.  I am looking to combine my skills and interests and am looking for a support role or gardening role with a lovely team for a company with interests in sustainability, organic food and community.
Please email [email protected] for more details.

Searching for the Ideal Candidate

Waddesdon Estate – Manager of a new market garden project to be set up on the Estate. This position is based close to Peterborough.
Please email [email protected] for more details