Rhys Jaggar, London July 2017, all images 27.7

‘I converted our vegetable plot in NW London to a no-dig 50sqm plot between 2014 and 2016, after discovering Charles’ website, purchasing his books and attending a day course at Homeacres. I introduced 10 comfrey plants for green manure and found a stables where horse manure was available.

During 2016 and 2017, I have addressed the quality and quantity problems of compost production in the back garden and in 2017, the effect on the growth, health and vigour of lettuce, chard, beetroot, cabbage, beans, carrot, leek, radish and turnip has been profound. I already have 2.5 cubic metres of compost maturing for 2018 and my next pile is being built up. This is achieved by simply composting everything our gardener clears from the rest of the garden rather than putting it out for collection as well as using all grass cuttings, suitable kitchen waste, leaf droppings from the street and tree/hedge prunings.

I have experimented with Charles’ recommended timings for a variety of crops and have been delighted with many of the outcomes, particularly getting my second PACA lettuce plants ready for harvest just as the first set started to weaken. Kale and endive were successfully transplanted immediately after first early potatoes; and chicory and lambs lettuce will follow second earlies. Turnips are about to be sown to follow shallots and early carrots (in the empty patch of the first picture). Finally, I sowed Sicilian radish today after Cupidon dwarf beans, which followed Ishikura salad onions – my first attempt at three crops in one year.’

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  1. Well done you! My first year on allotment, mostly no dig on thistle nettle infested site. Now full of plants and weeds down to the occasional,pull.

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