Small Garden (3) in April 2018, how winter unfolded and new, spring plantings

Homeacres small garden of 25sqm/270sqft, no dig and compost-mulched. See the evolution of this space through a year of planting and picking a wide range of vegetables and herbs, with little weeding needed.

There are limiting factors such as paving slabs in the soil, the neighbour’s shrubs with moisture-sucking roots, slugs in the edges, and shade from buildings. See episode (1) for those details…

Harvests in the first two videos were from plantings made in August and September. As crops finish, I twist out plants and spread 3-4cm/1.5in compost on beds, then they are ready for spring plantings. The no dig method means preparation is quick and easy, plus there are only a few weeds you need to pull.

I raise plants in a greenhouse to set out as 4-5 week old seedlings: the only direct sowing of seed is carrots. The climate is zone 8b: in winter we enjoyed occasional harvests, then I aim to pick a diverse range of veg, say three daily from late April to November. The thumbnail is picking spinach in April. I am writing this in May 2018: the garden is now growing fast, and we shall film an update in early June .

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