January 2017 soil care, compost quality, no sowing yet!

31st December 2016 Winter

A happy new year to my readers, may your gardens be bountiful, and easier to look after. When does the gardening year begin? You could pick any date from October to March, depending where you live (sn

November 2016, harvests before frost, veg for autumn and winter

31st October 2016 Autumn

Winter is nearly here, time for some last and beautiful autumn harvests. The radish below were sown between lettuce which were still cropping. You can still sow garlic, and November is excellent for s

October ’16 weather check, harvests, mulching, ripen tomatoes

29th September 2016 Autumn

In recent years, October has been milder than average, sometimes with nicer weather than the preceding summer: last year it was 18C at Hallowe’en, the year before it was 21C! Its looking to be warm

January 2016 new growing year

30th December 2015 Winter

WEATHER CHECK December was extraordinarily warm and especially by night, with no frost at all. So Brussels sprouts and leeks are cropping well, I am picking early purple sprouting, weeds are germinati

Veg growing December ’15

29th November 2015 Winter

Another mild month is ending, in fact its been the warmest ever November here, also the dullest. Going forwards its looking like a stormy and mild December to come. Temperatures are high enough for ne

Veg growing mid Nov 15

15th November 2015 Autumn

As so often, unusual weather means unusual growth. Here the first half of November has been exceptionally mild, around 3C (5F) above average and no frost yet. We are picking better quality salad leave

Mid-Oct ’15 veg no dig

15th October 2015 Autumn

It is full-on autumn now, the season of important harvests and of final plantings before winter. Some of the visitors to my garden in the last two weeks  have expressed surprise that beds are still f

September veg garden 2015

31st August 2015 Autumn

No dig, few weeds, lots to eat The second half of August was wet and humid here, perfect for weeds to germinate in the summer warmth. So what happened here? Almost none germinated on my undug beds, ju