Your No Dig Gardens – Teresa Grodi

6th June 2017, from Teresa Grodi in Ohio, USA. “We exchanged a few comments on your YouTube channel regarding theories of *how* no dig gardening began and spread. We had bought a piece of land in one of the oldest Midwestern cities in the United States. My land in the historic downtown has never been anything but private homes (probably some family chickens, goats, cows, etc.), but prior to that it was “virgin land” trod only by the Native Americans.

We have a raised bed garden (no-dig from 3 years ago, but the soil height doesn’t allow the roots of any plant to penetrate the ground level) and a no-dig garden that I prepared November 2016 based on your YouTube instruction. The no-dig garden is absolutely stunning. I planted around mid-April and I have already (6th June) harvested turnips, spinach, peas, kale and will have my first zucchinis this week!

All of my tomatoes have flowers. The beets in the no-dig garden, when measured two weeks ago were over 12 inches and the beets (planted at the same time) were 5 inches. This is incredible. People are stunned when they see my garden. We actually have more crops at the moment than our CSA and local Farmers’ Market! Our turnips, when harvested were very large, and they had long straight roots that went far into the ground-level (I can’t wait to see how the carrots look).

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