Buy 25th side view of onion harvest and new plantings
Trial beds dig/no dig plantings and results 2013-2018

29th December 2020 Trials

Starting out in 2013 I made two large beds, five feet wide and sixteen feet long (1.5x5m), the same area as Lower Farm’s experiment, and used old oak planks from a tree at Lower Farm which I had

Dig, no dig trial drone shot 6th September
No Dig Trial 2019-2020

5th December 2018 No Dig Growing, Trials

Photo 6th September 2020, dig left and no dig right This trial began in 2007 and ran until 2012 at Lower Farm. It’s to compare growth of the same vegetables in a dig bed and a no dig bed, all ha

Three Strip Trial 2014-2020: no dig, forking, different composts

4th December 2018 Trials

Photo above is September 2019. This one is now in year seven. since I created its current layout in 2014, testing for the effect of forking soil rather than digging. The 2019 video has more on this a

Lower Farm Trials

4th December 2018 No Dig Growing, Trials

Harvests in 2007-2012 from the dug and undug experimental beds at Lower Farm, Somerset, UK. Background to the experiment The four beds of 1.5×2.5m (5×8′) were created in March 2007 fro