No Dig Trial 2013-2019, current year at top

5th December 2018 No Dig Growing, Trials

This is similar to the trial I ran from 2007-2012 at Lower Farm. It’s to compare growth of the same vegetables in a dig bed and a no dig bed, all harvests recorded. At both Lower Farm and Homeac

Three Strip Trial 2014-2018

4th December 2018 Trials

This one is ongoing. It morphed into the current form in 2014, so 2018 is fifth year of this version. See more on this and other videos on my You Tube channel. Also within this trial are some explorat

Lower Farm Trials

4th December 2018 No Dig Growing, Trials

Harvests in 2007-2012 from the dug and undug experimental beds at Lower Farm, Somerset, UK. Background to the experiment The four beds of 1.5×2.5m (5×8′) were created in March 2007 fro