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Charles launches two new webinars
New to no dig – how it works and ways to do it – 17th June – 7.30 to 9pm
Charles explains his no dig methods.  From starting a new bed or larger area, coping with existing weeds and the different ways you can do it.  In very little time you will have a functioning vegetable plot that you can plant into straightaway.  Even in June is a good time to make new beds and set out plants in them. I explain the basics of plant raising too,
You will learn why very few weeds grow, while the seedlings and seeds you plant will grow strongly.

Sorry this Webinar is sold out and we shall post another date soon. The 24th June will include a lot about no dig.

New to no dig – questions answered – 24th June – 7.30 to 9m
Whether you are new to gardening or have been gardening for years, this is an opportunity to ask Charles your question and learn from other answered questions too. Throughout the lockdown Charles has seen a huge increase in the number of gardeners coming to him with questions.  This is an opportunity for an in depth session of no dig answers, and to learn about other time saving methods. Charles will illustrate his answers with photographs, where feasible.
The cost of each webinar is £25 including VAT
Misleading Names

Our attention has been drawn to some misleading names given to a particular manure. Levingtons Organic Blend Farmyard Manure presents itself as an organic product, however, it has been confirmed by the suppliers that it is not.

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Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival – now July 2021

Charles has been invited to design a no dig garden along with co-designer Stephanie Hafferty. The show was originally scheduled in July, but now tickets for the show are on sale for the September dates via the RHS site. The garden will feature all the elements of Charles' Homeacres garden and Steph’s allotment: weed free, no dig beds with beautiful vegetables growing.  Complete with a polytunnel, garden shed and greenhouse, the garden will demonstrate to visitors the joys of the no dig method.

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The Organic Gardening Podcast discusses no dig

Both Charles and Steph are interviewed by Sarah Brown.  Charles talks about his no dig method and soil health as well as and his gardening history going back to the 1980s. Steph discusses with Sarah ‘ No Dig Organic Home & Garden’, the book co-written with Charles,  and also her love of using the whole plant for many different uses


Virus worries trigger an increase in gardening
Subscriptions to Charles’s YouTube channel are increasing by a thousand plus daily. We have also seen an increase in the number of questions here and by email. We answer as many as we can and as fast as possible. Do look at the ‘Learn’ tab which contains a wealth of information in its menu, to help you garden productively. Also you can use the search function to find information of specific topics. See Start No Dig tab for those first steps in reducing weeds and increasing soil health.
Online courses explained

Charles has two online courses and the first, No Dig Gardening is for anyone wishing to learn the no dig method, beginners or for experience alike. It features 18 lessons, 48,000 words, 660 photos and 28 exclusive videos made especially for the online course.

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Charles reading the news

Intro to Charles & No Dig Organic Gardening

Charles Dowding has explored and shared new ways to garden since 1983, most notably no dig organic gardening, and since 2003 has developed ways to continuous-crop salad leaves. Discover his weed free no dig methods to achieve superb and time-saving results in both small and large garden areas. He sells produce from Homeacres bio-intensive and no dig garden, has written nine books on no dig and organic gardening, writes for national and international magazines, runs a YouTube channel, appears on TV and radio including BBC Gardeners World, and teaches extensively at home and abroad.

For answers to your questions about no dig, see the FAQs

You can listen to my growing story on podcasts one and two with Joe Lamp’l 2019.


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Benefits of no dig:  
 Few weeds, healthy soil and plants
 Saves time and watering
 Soil is firm, stable, aerated
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