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August 2022 vegetable gardening, a second spring for sowings, watering tips, pest strategies, new publications

30th July 2022 Featured, Summer

August starts dry here, after just 3½mm/0.15in rain here in the last four weeks. Lots of lovely sunshine and a pleasant average day temperature of 24C/75F, night minima of 11½C/53F. We are watering,

July 2022 plant raising, no dig interplant, weekly advice, making compost and different types

3rd July 2022 Summer

See mid month update in my newsletter here The weather has been unusual. June for example was sunnier than normal, yet no war

Bunny Guinness article, June 2022

1st June 2022 Articles

Bunnie Guinness article

June 2022 first summer harvests, new book, compost value, result of saving beetroot seed, wood affecting growth

31st May 2022 Featured, Summer

Summer is underway with tasty beetroot, broad beans, new cabbage and broccoli, carrots and more. It’s a top time for making a lot of compost too. Below I show the rewards of seed saving. and the

Mid May 22 many new plantings, make lots of compost, my trials of propagation and other composts

15th May 2022 Featured, Spring

A brief update at a busy time of remarkable growth. No dig is a huge help in keeping up to date, most notably because there are fewer weeds to deal with. Nonetheless remove any new weed growth you see

Homeacres no dig drone view 30th April
May 2022 new plantings, harvests more rare, many sowings in May, no dig allotment, companion and inter planting

29th April 2022 Spring

It’s a third consecutive year of April being very dry. In fact since 17th March we have had just 24mm rain (an inch). We need to give more water than usual, especially to new transplants and sal

Mid March and it's 25 days since we transplanted these lovely lettuce.
Mid April 2022 sowing, planting, effects of covers, frost and pest damage, spring specials, no dig mulching, and storing vegetables

16th April 2022 Featured, Spring

Spring is rushing in. I hope you enjoy my tips from Homeacres, and a look at what we are up to. The featured photo is morning of 16th March, the lettuce cover briefly removed We have started an offer

Purple Dream tulips in their second year, spinach behind was transplanted August, broccoli to right
April 2022 plant raising, how to transplant, using covers, no dig fun, compost, salads, beautiful food, NEW weekly advice

29th March 2022 Featured, Spring

Spring is here, in its usual stop start fashion. If you still have snow, may it melt soon. Be prepared for frost in many areas, and do not rush to sow plants which need warmth. For example I sow cucum

No dig bed prep is simply a light rake before sowing
March 2022 mega – no dig and timings, bed prep, new trays, new bargain bundle, varied germination, compost and compost confusions

10th March 2022 Featured, Spring

The second half of March sees much more sowing, planting, raking and weeding outside, than at any time since late summer. I’m sorry though that you may be reading this with snow on the ground in

After four hours of doing this, I'm happy with the result and we are checking the level
Almost-spring late February, wind and weather, sow and plan, heat for plant raising, new no dig, woodchip

19th February 2022 Featured, Winter

January was sunny and calm, February has been dramatic and especially with recent high wind. Nearby at Yeovilton there was a 72mph gust at 1pm on 18th (Storm Eunice), and I’m grateful that the d

Beds of the Three Strip Trial, see below
February 2022 how and when to sow, compost for no dig, trial results, mesofauna, pond creation

27th January 2022 Featured, Winter

Slowly the energy rises in February. I love the feeling of growth stirring, but be patient before making first sowings. I wait until mid February, then sow under cover radish and turnip multisown, let

The same plants 25 days later on 28th December, and you can see how they have grown even during winter
January 2022 no dig so easy, trial results, winter growth and new shoots

29th December 2021 Winter

No dig gardening and farming are easier because soil can “soak up” the extremes of weather. For example by draining freely, as in the German floods of July this year, and by holding moistu

December 2021 feed soil life, new no dig, 50% discounts, new wallchart, broad bean planting, events

23rd November 2021 Featured, Winter

The wonderful and life-increasing jobs of early winter, if you have not already done them, are to feed soil organisms with mulches of organic matter on the surface. We are using 2.5cm (measure after i

November 2021 make compost, sow broad beans, soil and compost biology and weed mulch, clean brassicas

28th October 2021 Autumn, Featured

The change of clocks is matching a change of weather, and in both senses it’s now wintry more than autumnal. Follow my tips below for a last few sowings, making more and better compost, and enjo

Charles removing broccoli lower leaves
October 2021 Autumn arrives with transplanting more vegetables, seed saving, mulching weeds in asparagus, saving time

3rd October 2021 Autumn, Featured

  September was lovely here, with gentle weather and abundant growth. We have continued to transplant outside, including spinach, spring onions, mustards, chervil and spring cabbage. In the green

Lollo lettuce we pick weekly with Medania spinach interplanted
September 2021 pests, propagation, transplant and interplant, tomato, cucumber, bindweed

28th August 2021 Autumn, Featured

After some dry summers recently, when we dreamed of having more rain, this summer we had welcome rain and growth has been abundant. And the other result is slugs, snails and late blight, especially on

26th July, three weeks of growth!
July-early August 2021, no dig potato harvests, bindweed, seed saving, sow and transplant for autumn onwards

26th July 2021 Featured, Summer

Everything happens in July! No dig makes it all easier and quicker. You can replant a lot of your garden, after harvests of early plantings. Clear beds to replant as soon as you can, because every day

Compost heaps of pallets simply wired together, no stakes
July 2021 no dig potatoes, succession plantings, make compost, save seeds, RHS no dig gardens, bees arrive

28th June 2021 Summer

A growing month, was June. Even though quite dry, with mm in the first four weeks. Average day temperature 21C 70F, average night temperature 10.5C 10F, see my live weather feed. We are fortunate with

Sowing carrots, I rub seeds out between fingers and thumb, as I walk
Mid June blog, rapid growth of vegetables and weeds, new intersowing, seed quality, garlic harvest, watering

14th June 2021 Featured, Summer

The cold spring is a distant memory! We have had three weeks of warm weather with day temperatures averaging 22 C and night temperatures averaging 9C 48F. Light levels are at a maximum so many plants

Celery 20 days after transplant and was under fleece for 16 days
June 2021 summer follows a cold spring, new sowings, bindweed, rabbits, compost qualities, and no dig events

31st May 2021 Featured, Summer

Much of May has been cold, and this followed a remarkably cold April. The legacy is plant growth a long way behind what one expects at this time. May’s final five days have been warmer, afternoo

Lettuce after two picks so far
May mid month, no warmth! but leafy vegetables are growing well, tips for new plantings and covers

12th May 2021 Featured, Spring

In gardening one is often comparing the weather and conditions with those of the year before. So far, spring 2021 has been diametrically different to 2020! For those of you who started last year, you