Compost & Mulches

  • Compost etc for beds, from Woodhort, based in Somerset
  • Online turf sell mushroom compost £78 cubic metre, also bulk composts and soil
  • Corker is a family-run nursery in Kent and offer mushroom plus other composts and excellent service
  • Biodegradable mulch materials from Hy-Tex, for weed control
  • Viridor sell green waste compost
  • sell Miscanthus Bedding/Mulch, this is shredded grass, half way between straw and wood chips, white in colour
  • Mulch material to kill weeds, made of wool in N. England by chimneysheep
  • (West Riding Organics), good compost for raising plants
  • Compost for propagating is expensive online, check B&Q, Wyevale, Aldi
  • Planet Natural‘s page on composting is helpful

Garden Equipment

Seed & Plants

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Bees & Wildlife

Garden Additions

  • Bacillus thuringiensis from Agrinova Xentari – sold for Box trees, also kills brassica caterpillars. If this link is broken, type Agrinova Xentari caterpillar into the Amazon Search bar
  • sell rockdust


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11 thoughts on “Links

  1. Hi Charles
    Am shortly to take the plunge and click the biodynamic link, as I’m just sitting down with your calendar and working out my plantings. I wondered if the dates on your calendar account for moon phases please, and if so is it purely waxing/waning, or do they also take into account the four-rhythm approach mentioned in your ‘Organic Gardening’ book please?
    Many thanks

  2. Hi
    I’ve just been looking into buying Bacillus thuringiensis and seen the link to the DiPel ‘brand’ of it. There is also Thuricide as a brand too. However, it looks like it is only sold in UK for agricultural professional pest control use (which Charles may qualify for) but hasn’t been registered for public use and there’s no current home & garden registration in UK. See example here.

    1. Thanks for this Dave. It seems a way that gardeners can be prevented from using ecological products (soil bacteria) and diverted to synthetic chemicals, or plastic covers.
      Like how the photo at the top of that piece is not related to gardening!

      1. Charles, I agree that the picture suggests that the company is likely to push you into buying chemical solutions to pest problems. However, if you look at the rest of the site it is selling biological controls for a variety of pests. I just wish there was something for onion white rot!

  3. Hi Alan

    Sorry, only just came back to the thread as was thinking about ordering for next year, but a bit worried about buying through EBay now if unlikely to receive it and hard work getting refunded! Have you tried again since?



  4. Hi Charles

    Just looking into bacillus thuringiensis for next year as brassicas got mauled this year! Just wondered how often you spray? Seems crazy to buy 24g, when 500g is only 3 1/2 times the price (but at the same time £38 is quite a big outlay for my small plot!).



    1. Yes it’s a pity somebody does not sell say 100g.
      I spray av. 6 times a year, every 16-20 days.
      A guy on my open day reckons his still works, ten years after he bought it.

        1. Hi Charles/Richard.
          I read this with interest Re Bacillus thuringiensis as I ordered some from Poland 500g and then I had a message they unable to send and presumed it was as we was supposedly leaving the EU end of March this year, which was only a week to go and presumed they could not guarantee delivery time, held in customs? I had to also wait over 4 and half weeks before received my refund via ebay/PayPal.

          I would very appreciate a contact/number where I can purchase for next yeas as yes it works, but purchased a very small sachet to get me by this year and yes, my opinion buy a bulk pot as I been told lasts for ten years too.. I thought it was a gardeners allotment joker. Some more creditable info from you Charles re shelf life so Thank you.

          1. Alan this is worrying, I become a conspiracy theorist when I hear of something simple and natural being so hard to buy. It helps us to feed ourselves 🙂 and wish I could help.

    2. Hi Richard

      I be happy for you to split half each if rather a large outlay for you if helps you.

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