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Buying Charles’ books & products in other countries

  • To buy books in Denmark please see the website here.
  • To buy CD60 module trays in Denmark please see the website here.
  • To buy module trays in Norway please see the website here.
  • The Farm Dream is a website based in The Netherlands and can ship books in Europe.
  • All about the garden in the USA supply my CD60, CD30 and CD15 module trays, and long handled dibber.
  • Quickcrop in Ireland sell many products including my trays
  • Chelsea Green Publishing sell my self-published Course Book and Diary in the US and Canada
  • I have a page on Shepherds Books, the ones which helped and inspired me

Reporting Aminopyralid Contamination

  • If you think your garden or allotment has been affected by aminopyralid or clopyralid residues in manure or compost please do report the problem using this link. Please note this form is only for the UK and Ireland. I am assured this information is reviewed by the UK government 6 monthly to assess the effectiveness of the aminopyralid “stewardship” program which is a condition of the UK  license.

Charities supporting soil health and gardening

  • Tiyeni, a Malawian NGO (with a UK fundraising team), that trains communities in Deep Bed Farming – as a low tech, low cost method to sustainably and rapidly increase yields.
  • Support Add Internationals 100% Homegrown Appeal assisting disabled adults to grow their own in Uganda.

Compost & Mulches

  • Wowcher have some deals on compost, including Moorland Gold for propagation, my favourite
  • Compost etc for beds, from Woodland Horticulture, based in Somerset
  • Compost for propagating is expensive online, check B&Q, Wyevale, Aldi
  • Corker is a family-run nursery in Kent and offer mushroom plus other composts and excellent service
  • Mulch material to kill weeds, made of wool in N. England by chimneysheep
  • Online turf sell mushroom compost by the cubic metre, also bulk composts and soil
  • Viridor sell green waste compost
  • AllGrowSupplies sell excellent compost for raising plants: it contains some peat, a waste product from Yorkshire water filtration
  • sell Miscanthus Bedding/Mulch, this is shredded grass, half way between straw and wood chips, white in colour
  • Biodegradable mulch materials from Hy-Tex, for weed control


Garden Equipment

Seed & Plants

Associations & Learning

Bees & Wildlife

Useful extras

  • Bacillus thuringiensis from Agrinova Xentari – sold for Box trees, also kills brassica caterpillars. If this link is broken, type Agrinova Xentari caterpillar into the Amazon Search bar
  • sell rockdus


Events & Courses

Somerset Activities & Eateries


59 thoughts on “Links

  1. It looks like the Budast link to your podcastwith Sarh Wilsn is broken. Hope you can fix it?

    1. Hi Suella, it seems the podcast is not on her website anymore, but I found it by writing in search “budcast satah wilson charles dowding” and that took me to podcasts

  2. Hi
    I as wondering if you can recommend insect mesh suppliers in the EU!

    Spring now arrived in Northern Sweden and I would like to protect my kale etc which was destroyed last year with caterpiller.

    I found the modules and the books but cant find the fleece/mesh.

  3. Hello Charles
    The copper tools are available in Europe from Dictum Gmbh and delivery costs are somewhat less than from the UK.
    I have no commercial interest in the company but have bought woodworking tools fom them in the past.

  4. Hi Charles, is the Bosch chipper really robust enough for your use at Homeacres? Have you had it for a while? It gets really mixed reviews on Amazon…

    1. I would not recommend it if it was not serving us well! I bought it full price and have no commission or affiliation to Bosch, but appreciate the quality of this tool, now six years old

  5. Hello Charles
    I was at the opening of Roots Allotment plots in Bath yesterday and wanted to buy the book you had on sale, but you had sold out. You said it’s available to buy on your website so I looked for it but since didn’t see the book, I’ve no idea which one it was.
    Please can I have the name of it, or perhaps the best general one of yours that you can recommend to help follow the no-dig method.
    I am not new to gardening, not a beginner, but am to this method.

    Thank you
    Mary George (plot-holder at Roots/Bath)

  6. Hello Charles,

    I’m a big fan of your work and I was very interested in the bargain bundle advertised on you tube. However I was very disappointed to see after a quick Google of the other creators/writers that your wok has been aligned with creators who actively support and spread covid misinformation and other “deep state” related conspiracy theories. Do you share these views?

    1. Interesting assessment. It’s your call which of these bundles to read, but the ones we checked out have loads of useful information about being more independent.

  7. Hello Charles,

    I was wondering if you would be so kind to provide a link and description of your Davis WLL weather station. I did find their website (link might interest others?) but was confused as to all the choices they have VS what your weather link shows online.

  8. Good Afternoon,

    I am the proud owner of Charles new book, ‘Skills for growing’. I am a new (ish) veggie growing and it is simply brilliant.
    I live in the Shropshire Hills, which are quite windy, and as a consequnce I am really interested in the hoops Charles uses. Are you able to recommend a supplier for the pre-cut 4mm galvanised high tensile wire?

    Thank you


    1. Hi Kate

      Thanks for your message and I should love it if you would post a review of the Skills book on the product Page? I’m glad that you’re enjoying the book

      Those wire hoops are made by Reddifast Steel, they are 4 mm, galvanised, high tensile wire which is also straightened which means it won’t spring back into a coil. Easy to use. Expensive but last a lifetime.

  9. Hi there, just wondered if you got beehives last year and if so which hives are you using and why. Thank you

  10. Good day

    Can anyone confirm whether Charles Dowding is at Spier in Stellenbosch for a workshop in March 2022? With all the scams these day I would LOVE to book but can’t find confirmation that he.

    1. Thanks and I should be, or on a farm nearby.
      The uncertainty has been from travel restrictions resulting from Covid measures in the UK, which might be imposed on me when I return. They are now being reduced and we are looking to confirm within the next five days, so watch this space!

  11. Intrigued re. your link: A new venture?
    Reverse Disease with Personalised Nutrition summit airs today

    1. Such a useful talk to an important group of practitioners and attendees.
      Thank you.
      What a useful way of spreading the whole no-dig word further.
      National Treasure indeed!

    1. I have in the past used a little charcoal and did not absorb much difference. I add a little to the compost heap. This word biochar, what does it mean?!

      1. I think biochar is either the same as charcoal or similar. I’ve watched videos on it by several different people. One of the key things though, is to “charge” it with some kind of liquid. People use manure or compost tea, liquid fish/seaweed fertilizer or other such liquids and let the char absorb nutrients from the liquid for a couple of weeks. This prevents the char from absorbing nutrients from the soil or compost and delaying availability to the plants. That’s my basic understanding, but I have no personal experience with it yet.

        1. Hi Jenny, I have been learning more about it, that true biochar is made with a clean burn at high temperature which produces no methane or smoke, and then you are right it needs charging so we are putting it in the current compost heap. All of the tiny spaces within each piece of biochar can absorb lots of microbes and nutrients. And at that point it is a really useful thing to spread, with the compost, for long-term fertility.

  12. Hi, I would like to know if there are any course for people living in the Amazonia, because the weather and the ecosystem is different.
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Juna, nice to hear and I don’t know of such, can only wish you success with your growing.
      Many of the principles I teach are universal but how to apply them will vary. We do have some lovely comments from places like the Philippines where no dig and mulching with compost is working very well.

  13. Thank you for the Calendar of 2022 that I recieved in the mail! That was very kind of you. Merry Chistmas and a happy new year from Sweden! //Basilious

  14. Hello Charles,

    I just recently discovered your site, and especially your Youtube channel, thanks to an interview you did with Sean James Cameron. I’m working my way through your videos – thanks so much for the information you share!

    I realise you’re in the UK, but I wondered if you might have any links to companies and the like in the USA?

    Thanks again.

  15. Dear Charles,

    In every video I saw your lovely watering can, I’m thinking I’d love to have that one too. Could you please share the name of the manufacturer and possibly the model? It has such a long nozzle and a fine spray, brilliant for seedlings.

    Thank you for the inspirational content. Besides it being informative, it also has a high aesthetical value. Lovely to watch, you created a little gardener’s paradise.

    Kind regards

  16. Re: Quickcrop-
    7-10 days deli info on website, but now 14 days before dispatch min at present?
    Very slow with dispatch at present or communication?
    Ordered 11th Feb Payment completed , order confirmed and order number provided- No reply to email or update still as of today.
    Info to those who wishing for fleece or mesh to cope with cold snap that’s forecast!

    1. Sorry to hear this and they are good people, but probably overwhelmed by demand, like everybody else in gardening especially vegetable gardening, good luck

  17. Hi Charles I got some wire to make hoops. What is a good length for a 4 foot bed. I did a bit of pi times diameter divided by 2 😁and added a bit for sticking in ground and came up with 2.1 metres.

        1. David,
          Hard to be sure without feeling it but it looks correct to me, good luck.
          The wire I use springs back to being straight once we pull it out of the ground, which makes it very easy to store as lengths of wire

  18. Hi All.
    Rain and more rain here on the Essex/Cambs border at moment
    Re Update bacillus thuringiensis.
    I ordered received the next day this below. Smaller quantity for many? I presume this ok Charles?

    Agrinova Xentari® Raupenfrei Box Tree Caterpillar Treatment | Bacillus Thuringiensis | Biological Insecticide Spray Mix (25g) £18.35 next day (Prime) Helpful?

    I would still like purchase in bulk as such 500g as previous tried from Italy. (Any pointers Charles?)

    Richard, I be happy still to share if a option for you if we could buy in bulk and of help or anyone else that lives near?

    Alan Essex

  19. I am new to caterpillar control other than hours of hand removal, so hit the web to find out about Bacillus Thuringiensis. There appears to be two strains one using Kurstuki and one Aizawai – apparently only first is bee friendly. I only read two different sites regarding this but Charles do you have any further information regarding this please? I would hate to start killing off my visiting bees. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you

    1. Hi Sarah and I do not know about the different strain, I’m a little confused myself but also I am suspicious I must say. I feel that Bt gets a lot of flak for such a harmless product, based on soil bacteria. Meanwhile so few people mainstream worry about pyralid, roundup et cetera

  20. Hi Charles
    Am shortly to take the plunge and click the biodynamic link, as I’m just sitting down with your calendar and working out my plantings. I wondered if the dates on your calendar account for moon phases please, and if so is it purely waxing/waning, or do they also take into account the four-rhythm approach mentioned in your ‘Organic Gardening’ book please?
    Many thanks

  21. Hi
    I’ve just been looking into buying Bacillus thuringiensis and seen the link to the DiPel ‘brand’ of it. There is also Thuricide as a brand too. However, it looks like it is only sold in UK for agricultural professional pest control use (which Charles may qualify for) but hasn’t been registered for public use and there’s no current home & garden registration in UK. See example here.

    1. Thanks for this Dave. It seems a way that gardeners can be prevented from using ecological products (soil bacteria) and diverted to synthetic chemicals, or plastic covers.
      Like how the photo at the top of that piece is not related to gardening!

      1. Charles, I agree that the picture suggests that the company is likely to push you into buying chemical solutions to pest problems. However, if you look at the rest of the site it is selling biological controls for a variety of pests. I just wish there was something for onion white rot!

  22. Hi Alan

    Sorry, only just came back to the thread as was thinking about ordering for next year, but a bit worried about buying through EBay now if unlikely to receive it and hard work getting refunded! Have you tried again since?



  23. Hi Charles

    Just looking into bacillus thuringiensis for next year as brassicas got mauled this year! Just wondered how often you spray? Seems crazy to buy 24g, when 500g is only 3 1/2 times the price (but at the same time £38 is quite a big outlay for my small plot!).



    1. Yes it’s a pity somebody does not sell say 100g.
      I spray av. 6 times a year, every 16-20 days.
      A guy on my open day reckons his still works, ten years after he bought it.

      1. Many thanks! Perhaps I’ll see if anyone locally wants to go halves on the purchase!

        Thanks again


        1. Hi Charles/Richard.
          I read this with interest Re Bacillus thuringiensis as I ordered some from Poland 500g and then I had a message they unable to send and presumed it was as we was supposedly leaving the EU end of March this year, which was only a week to go and presumed they could not guarantee delivery time, held in customs? I had to also wait over 4 and half weeks before received my refund via ebay/PayPal.

          I would very appreciate a contact/number where I can purchase for next yeas as yes it works, but purchased a very small sachet to get me by this year and yes, my opinion buy a bulk pot as I been told lasts for ten years too.. I thought it was a gardeners allotment joker. Some more creditable info from you Charles re shelf life so Thank you.

          1. Alan this is worrying, I become a conspiracy theorist when I hear of something simple and natural being so hard to buy. It helps us to feed ourselves 🙂 and wish I could help.

    2. Hi Richard

      I be happy for you to split half each if rather a large outlay for you if helps you.

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