Online Courses

Charles Dowding’s online gardening courses lead you to more enjoyable and productive gardening. Buying either course gives lifetime access to all of the lessons, photos, and exclusive videos and quizzes.

You can access any of the course material at any time. There is a suggested but not proscribed order. Follow your interest once inside.

Course 1 is about time saving ways to make compost, clear weeds completely by mulching, and soil qualities. I illustrate and explain why no dig gardening is so simple and easy, and give examples of cropping just one bed, and the small garden, with succession plans for a year.

I give the history of no dig gardening as well, and suggest why it has not caught on until recently. I give my trial results to help you understand why it works so well, and how.

from Barry Jones November 2019 about Course 1:

I’m so glad I decided to give it a go. The course helped to consolidate much of what I have learned from you already.

Online gardening course 2 Growing Success explains the skills and knowledge you need to achieve fine harvests. I share my discoveries of how to grow more easily and quickly.

This second online course enables you to understand the key processes of growing, and how they are not always what is sold by commercial interests! Next I explain and show how to apply this knowledge of process to the growth of many plants, in many situations and times of year.

Both courses result in a certificate, when you pass the quizzes 100%. The questions are not difficult, but need correct understanding, so they are a way of checking that you really get it.