No Dig Potatoes from seed to harvest

See the whole process from sowing to ‘earthing up’ to harvest, by pulling not digging. Potato plants easily root into undisturbed, no dig soil, while developing potatoes need soft, surface material to grow in. It’s often assumed that potatoes just won’t grow in soil that has not been thoroughly loosened, but this video shows the opposite. Filmed at Homeacres April to July 2018, in a spring that started cool and wet, then turned hot and dry after 3rd May. My garden is no dig and you see how few weeds are growing. We spend most of our time planting and picking, about two hours/week on weeding a quarter acre/1000m2.

4 thoughts on “No Dig Potatoes from seed to harvest

  1. Thank you Charles! This is very helpful. This will be my second year of no dig (so far great) and will be first at proper ‘no dig’ potatoes, so thanks for this information. I should be 100% no dig now with this!

  2. This is my first year growing vegetables and after doing lots of research I had come to my own version of no-dig for almost everything, however after breaking my back all day harvesting potatoes I have found this online and am thrilled.

    I will 100% be following this procedure from now on and hope to find more useful information on your site, Charles.

    And the icing on the cake is that I live within 5 minutes of Homeacres so hope to meet you at the forthcoming open day!

    Many thanks

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