No dig, no till

Time-saving, less weeds, year round abundance

  1. Save the time and effort of repeated cultivations.
  2. Weeds germinate less in undisturbed ground and are easy to pull fro organic mulches, a huge timesaver.
  3. Feeding soil with surface mulch gives abundant harvests.
  4. Moisture is retained, because soil is not exposed to dry air.
  5. Save money: no tiller needed, less water used, more harvests.
  6. Crop year round because its so quick to clear the residues of one harvest, then resow or plant.
  7. To crop even more, its quick and easy to intersow and interplant.
  8. Plants are well anchored against wind.
  9. You can walk on beds to save bending to reach the middle, and undisturbed soil/compost does not stick to your boots.
  10. Fine threads of mycorrhizal fungi, unbroken by cultivation, help plants to access nutrients and moisture by reaching into cavities that roots cannot enter.

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